Abe (2019) Full Movie Online Watch And Download HD

Abe (2019) Full Movie Online Watch And Download HD


Movie Info

Release Date: December 7, 2019
Rating: 8.9

About Abe

Country: United States

Year: 2019

Category: Family

Release Date: December 7, 2019

Director: Fernando Grostein Andrade

Starring: Mark Margolis, Dagmara Dominczyk, Noah Schnapp

Age Restriction: 18 years

Duration: 115 minutes

Budget: $15,000,000

Box Office: $

Abe is a 2019 FJ Productions,Gullane,Spray Filmes is scheduled to be released on December 7, 2019.

Abe, a film directed by filmmaker Fernando Grostein Andrade, with production of Spray Filmes and Gullane, is part of the official selection of the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, where he will have his world premiere in the Kids section.

Abe is the first Brazilian film to be selected for this category and the festival takes place between January 24 and February 3 in Park City, United States.

"I am very happy and honored to attend this Sundance Independent Festival celebration. With an acidic mood for the whole family, Abe brings a message of hope to this challenging moment the world is living. The film starts from the idea that when we have a fight it is much easier to understand ourselves by sitting down to eat, "says Fernando Grostein Andrade.

Filmed in New York, the feature film stars Noah Schnapp (Stranger Things and Bridge of Spies) as protagonist and also stars in his cast with Seu Jorge (City of God and The Sea Life with Steve Zissou) and Mark Margolis (Breaking Bad and Requiem for a Dream), among other actors.

Written by Lameece Issaq and Jacob Kader, the film tells the story of Abe (Noah Schnapp), a 12-year-old Palestinian and Israeli, who is passionate about cooking. At a food fair in the Brooklyn streets of New York, he meets Chico (Seu Jorge), an Afro-Brazilian chef. When the parents send Abe to a summer camp, he escapes and makes a special request for Chico: he wants to work and learn to cook with him in order to unite his family.

In addition to Fernando Grostein Andrade, Spray directors Judith Belfer and Patrick Hanser directed the second unit of Abe and Judith signs a short film that is inserted in the context of the film.

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